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Lana Maile | Soul Enhancer, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach is talking about what causes food cravings and how to manage them.

"In all my years of practice as a health coach and networker, I’ve met many different kinds of people who suffer from a variety of symptoms and a complaint that I’ve noticed many have is: cravings and weight management. Please note that this post is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical advice.

I am sharing this because while there can be many factors that influence and affect our cravings, it is not a sign of lack of willpower. 
Instead, cravings are an opportunity for us to get curious about what’s going on inside our body’s and be grateful for our social life and cultures!

Optimal health is about learning and coming from a place of love and respect. No one can ever hate themselves and be healthy!

So how can we combat those cravings? Get curious! First would be to identify where this craving could be possibly coming from: 


1, Stress, anxiety: 

Chronic stress leads to a rise in the hormone cortisol which increases your appetite.

2, Lack of sleep:
Lack of sleep can lead to stress as well as an increase in demand for quick forms of energy (sugar, carbs)

    3, Low blood sugar:

    When blood sugar is low, it signals to your body that it needs more food

      4, Hormonal imbalance:

      As mentioned above, cortisol, amongst other hormones play a role in feelings of hunger and satiety 

        5, Dehydration:

        Hunger and thirst can be confused

          6, Nutrient deficiencies:

          If your body isn’t getting everything it needs… it will ask for it!

            7, Social settings:

            8, Culture and familiarity


              And a big one for many: the gut and your gut microbiome


              If our gut bacteria is out of balance, everything is out of balance. Each human houses billions of gut bacteria and it is our job to ensure we are good hosts! While cravings can stem from a variety of factors as shown above- gut imbalance can also lead to an increase in stress and anxiety, sleep disorders, unstable blood sugar, hormonal imbalance and nutrient deficiencies. What we should all strive to do is support our gut bacteria everyday.


              Thanks to R's KOSO it is an easy way to incorporate fermented foods, which is a party for your gut bacteria into your everyday routine. R's KOSO is a healthy, more balanced, and less stressful way to cleanse, compared to other cleanses or fasting (such as water cleanse, kombucha cleanse, and juice cleanse), because you get a variety of nutrients. As a result, it is easier to manage cravings which is also beneficial for a healthy and happy weight. 


              Here are 3 tried and true tips to help decrease your cravings and finding your personal healthy weight today:

              Prioritize yourself and your body’s needs by eating well, sleeping well, and living well.

              1, Health is not just about only eating broccoli or only doing yoga. It is important to live a lifestyle where stress is being managed, you are finding joy, and you are putting good things into your body. Having a balanced body = having a balanced life!  

              2, Incorporating gut-health promoting foods into your every-day routine. It’s not only about what you eat… but what you absorb. Adding fermented foods like R’s Koso as a potent source of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics is a delicious and easy way to help promote gut bacteria that will start craving more good! This isn’t about deprivation but more so how you can add more goodness into your life!

              3, Create healthy habits. Your body thrives when it’s getting healthy nutrients every single day, but sometimes life happens and we want to enjoy the weekend! Creating rituals such as incorporating R's KOSO will help turn your “chores” into an easy and seamless lifestyle that will allow you to enjoy long-term results. 


                I hope you found these tips helpful! Remember that cravings are not a sign of lack of willpower and we can do many things that combat them.. many of which stems from the gut! Having a balanced body externally also begins internally. Focus on getting curious about where your cravings are stemming from and empower yourself with knowledge!"



                If you’re looking to reduce cravings, give R’s KOSO a try!


                Let's get started! 

                Postbiotics - What causes food cravings and how to manage them - R's KOSO


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