How can I improve my thyroid health and Balance metabolism? - R's KOSO

Keren Chen | CBT Nutritionist is talking about How can I improve my thyroid health? And R's KOSO for the thyroid health and balanced metabolism.


"I want to help you understand how your body’s metabolism can be changed using nutrition science with the help of a small but mighty organ called the thyroid.


The thyroid gland is your body’s thermostat, it controls the rate of metabolism using hormones called T4 and T3. It’s right at the base of your neck above your chest.


The metabolism is often reduced down to your ability to burn up calories or to gain and lose weight. The reality is your metabolism is the sum of all biochemical processes that take place in your body in order to keep you alive. Yes, creating energy and burning fuel is a big part of your metabolism but there is more! Every single process from breathing to building to repairing to communicating to tearing down, everything has to do with the metabolism. This is why the thyroid gland is crucial to your health and longevity.


Remember when I said the rate of metabolism is managed by the hormones T4 and T3? Well Iodine is a vital component of these thyroid hormones. Without Iodine, your body cannot maintain an adaptive and balanced metabolism.


The problem is iodine is pretty darn hard to find in the Standard Western Diet. It’s a mineral that is often processed out or found in foods that aren’t very popular. For example sources include oysters, cod, or seaweed products. And for my clients who are vegan or plant-based, their options become even more limited. Plus, not everyone feels comfortable cooking with seaweed products like kombu or kelp!


So, this is where R's KOSO can come in! It is a probiotic beverage from Traditional Japanese cuisine that is made by fermenting over 100 different plant foods for over 1 year, and seaweed is one of those ingredients. The process of fermentation makes nutrients more bioavailable, which is another way to say you are able to use more of the nutrients in plant foods that have been fermented."


If you’re looking to heal or support your metabolic health, or to give your thyroid a boost, give R’s KOSO a try!


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