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Great Stuff

You feel great, look great! Great pre-workout drink

The best!

My husband and I absolutely loved trying KOSO. My hubby noticed a difference right away.

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

Stop taking vitamins and start drinking this.

Shocked it works so good

I bought it for the 3 day cleanse. It immediately started to work & I wasn’t hungry at all during the entire 3 days drinking this and teas. I was shocked. I feel great now 😊 it was a nice re-set

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)


I need to continue I haven’t seen a difference . I would love to see a difference. I would love to loose 10 + pounds.

Taste good. Would be nice if sugar-free option would be available.
To early to tell how effective yet. I just started using it.
Thank you

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

Single Daily Meal Replacement for 2 weeks, Japanese Postbiotic Drink - R's KOSO -

Amazing product

I’ve always intended in Koso product, but never really had chance or product that interested me. But this R’s Koso is trusted legit Japanese product that made in Japan. I’ve used about two weeks now and my energy had been enhanced amazingly! Looking forward to see more changes in future w my body! And also taste great:)

Expensive Product / Too early to evaluate

The Koso product is quiet expensive to buy. I bought 2 bottle to trial currently about to start the 2nd bottle. Taste is pleasant and sweet. Easy to consume. I cannot really say if I am noticing any significant changes positive or negative. The cost alone is a concern for me personally. We'll see how things go with the 2nd bottle. Its just too early ...

Great taste

I love the taste of this product. I love the packaging and the experience of drinking it and knowing that my body is getting some awesome nutrients. However, I haven't noticed many differences in the way my body feels but I do think my digestion is better when taking it.

Great for gut

I really like that my gut seems to work and feel better and I have less bloating. I can’t do more than once a day, however. The aftertaste even with seltzer and wiping my mouth with out with a piece of bread (fluids made it worse) induces gagging and wretching. It is possibly the most awful tasting thing I have ever experienced. If you could find a drink to put it in that neutralizes that vomit aftertaste the product works great. I’m determined to finish it partially because it was so expensive but I don’t think I want to order it again. I would happily pay for it if there was some solution for the taste.

Game changing

Regularity, clearer skin, less allergies, I could go on and on.


I love the taste and I am telling my friends.


I finally found the probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics in one bottle. I started using Rs KOSO on May 21, With the 3 day cleanse and i lost 2.6 lbs. After the cleanse I take it as a supplement / once a day. I dont feel bloated anymore and with a healthy diet I’m still losing weight. I feel great! The only problem is the price, can you please lower the price!

Great product

Product taste good, it helps with digestion, but it’s TOO expensive for the amount provided.

Great koso

Def love it I feel great just after 1 week thank you so much!

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