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I highly recommend this!

It was a gift and upon trying it then following the procedures, I already see the result after one week! I highly suggest this for our daily necessities.

It help me when I feel bloated and taste pretty good

Works miracles

I no longer am taking fiber supplements daily, I’m more regular and my skin is clearer and my allergies are non-existent.

Taste is not bad

The taste is not as bad as I thought. It does make me less hungry. I don’t like that it has 9 grams of sugar per serving though.

Excellent gut cleanse

I tried R'koso for a week by doing a trial every other day cleanse with the 1 day cleanse technique. I know it's not the usual approach but I did it anyway. I do the cleanse when I'm at work. Replacing the three meals only with R'Koso and water therapy. I didn't feel dizzy or lightheaded. I felt energized and didn't felt the urge to eat. Whenever I feel hungry, my brain just automatically thinks it's time for another dose of R'Koso. After taking it, I don't feel hungry. I don't feel bloated. So I will continue with R'Koso as meal replacement.

K's Rso

Excellent product to produce healthy gut beiome

5 stars review!!!

This supplement really works! It helps me lose quite a bit of weight and i am happy with my purchases ! And it does what is supposed to! Will definitely recommend this product!


Hello dear Koso,the only think is, I finished the way more earlier than I expected.i use it only in the morning for nutrition but I think has to have more of it.
Thanks a lot!! I love it!😍

Love this stuff

It tastes pretty good and very easy to take. Since I drink sparkling water throughout the day anyways, it’s very simple to just poor a little into my glass and take it that way.

Amazing drink

I tried 3days detox and lost few pounds. I feel better my skin turns really good. I am very satisfied and I will try 5days detox next month.


I like the taste. I can’t tell it’s making a difference all I can do is trust it is.

Wonderful taste and was easy to do the 1-Day Fast

I wasn't terribly bothered by hunger. I looked forward to the glass with celtzer every 3 hours between 8am and 8pm. Feel refreshed and am strating to see some weight loss.


I cannot rate based upon "cleansing" as I only drink 15ml (half-serving) at breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening as a nutritional-supplement. It TASTES GREAT! and it does lessen hunger and seems to balance my diet.

Love this

I am addicted your products and drinking every morning with sparkling water. Now I am in fasting session for 2 days. I am thinking to adjust my subscription.

5 stars

R’s KOSO IS JUST WONDERFUL. I have been using it for my Crohn’s disease and I must say, it has been helping me a lot with the pain. Thanks

Good stuff but definitely pricey

So i already take pre & probiotics and while i did enjoy the product for its taste and originality i can’t see myself buying the bottle at $100 when it wasn’t anything special just kinda unique! It was quite good though

Beautiful Product

This is my first time trying Koso. I really enjoy the taste! I can also feel the "detoxing" but physically nuturing effects from drinking it (with water) as a meal replacement, or 15 mins before a meal. My only challenge with it is that is contains 9g sugar per serving, which is higher than I thought. I have to be a bit careful with it bc of reoccurring v. Infections, but I haven't had problems with it, just have to be more mindful for the rest of the day. It is also packaged beautifully, and feels ceremonial as such.

Healthy gut

I have been using Koso drink for a couple of months now as a supplement and for one day cleanse. I initially was hesitant to buy it because of the price but so glad I tried it. I saw a significant improvement in my gut health since using Koso. Bloating is reduced dramatically. I am able to eat foods that would cause bloating or irritate my stomach if I did not use Koso. Also, late lunch or dinner (if caught up at work) do not bloat me anymore. I also noticed that Koso aids in keeping stools soft. I highly recommend trying it for gut issues.

Love it!

I went with the trial pack initially and then ended up buying the bottle. It tastes like sweet plum juice and has aided me in my weight management. It does control appetite to an extent. Also, just to know the contents that goes in this drink makes me feel good which my gut will thank for. As scientists and doctors say, a majority of diseases begin if the gut or our microbiome is in imbalance. The only downside is the price but I can imagine that because of the high quality of the product. Cannot wait to order another one!

Customer Review

I just started for a week. It seems that my gut is doing well. It has lessen my bloating so far.

Healthy Movements

The last 2 weeks I've been taking KOSO prebreakfast and waiting an hour or so to eat. I haven't experienced any significant GI distress like I normally do which is huge for me. I'm on a consistent schedule of at least one movement a day which is very pleasant for me. Wanting to wait a bit longer to give 5 stars to confirm this is actually the stuff causing it.


I am doing the 3 day cleanse, and so far it has been great. Usually cleanses leave me feeling hungry and icky afterwards but this wasn’t like that.

Highly recommend

My gut health and energy has improved dramatically since I started drinking this. My energy levels have improvised and I am eating foods that I could not eat for years because I would have a terrible reaction. This drink is worth every Penny

R's KOSO - Japanese Prebiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

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