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Koso is a GIFT!!!

I have been an N.D. for 23 years and have yet to find a product that has probiotics, probiotics AND postbiotics all in one product IN AN EASILY ABSORBABLE FORM! I couldn't be more grateful to this company for making such an AMAZING, WELL THOUGHTOUT PRODUCT!! This will change so many peoples lives. Including my own! I'm in for life!! Laura M. Belg C.M., N.D.

5-day fasting

I did fasting for five day. R's koso was a great budy and I could enjoy the fasting days! It was ideal for me.


This is my third time trying this product. It helps sooth my stomach especially after eating the wrong things. I usually suffer from bloating, gas and indigestion. This time around I only did a 1 day cleanse and the other days I drink it while fasting. I didn’t loose any weight but it helped with my gas and bloating. It’s very pricey to keep purchasing so I’ll hold off from buying it for a while.


I love it. I’m looking forward to my next bottle.

Perfect size to try

I was very excited to receive my KOSO trial package it arrived quickly. Also, the taste isn't bad and I felt good drinking it with my sparkling water.

Trial Pack - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (30ml/1oz × 5 bottles) - R's KOSO -


I will recommend it to everyone that I will come across!👌 👍 ☺

Gives me more energy!

I’m on my 3rd month of drinking Koso. My daughter also started drinking it daily. It tastes great with carbonated water and a splash of frozen blueberries. It has helped my digestion and helps me in turn feel more energetic.

Amazingly delicious!

This is my 4th bottle and my go-to swap for a glass of wine!

Great for digestion and weight control

Im in my second month taking this product. I have always have digestion problems. Coffee was the only thing that was helping me, but since I have been taking KOSO I haven’t drink any coffee. KOSO helps digestion and energy without the down side of coffee. Also, I don’t need to lose weight, I’m happy with my weight. I wasn’t able to get lower 110lb and I wanted to be between 105 to 108 that’s what have always work for me. Know that I’m 5’1 so this is not a low weight for my size. I’m now 107 and I didn’t even noticed. I feel great and lighter than ever. Sound very cliché and very commercial, but this has been my experience with this product. I also like the taste of it. I also have to say that I think it’s over priced, but they always have discounts so I’m glad I can take advantage of the different discounts they give.

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

What an experience!

I just completed the Koso 3-day cleanse and it was quite the journey. It was not exactly an easy journey but I did get through it. The 1st day was tough and I did feel the effects of detoxing - lethargy and headaches. The 4th day was also a challenge - I felt great, happy to have food again but then the cleanse hit and it was a day of diarrhea and stomach upset. I did lose close to 10 lbs! But I except that to be transient loss. Now I’m on the 6th day and feeling great! I’ve started to take a 15 ml dose after dinner and that has been good to settle and calm my stomach for sleep. This is great product - easy to use - I don’t care for the smell but the taste is acceptable and now I’ve come to enjoy it.


Since I’ve followed the instructions and implemented regular daily use. I’ve experienced increased levels of energy. Especially in mobility through out the day at work. I am looking to continue to use the product as I look forward to a more productive life.


Look forward to having a glass every day! Can’t say for sure if it’s helping my gut as I didn’t have any noticeable issues. But I feel good drinking it.

taste good!

my kids love it.They like to drink with sparkling water everyday!They said taste like Ginger ale.

Pleasant to take

I like to add a probiotic to my diet and since this has a nice flavor, it is easy to add to my morning regime.


It is a syrup consistency, the taste is not bad. It came with suggested use options. I have not finished the bottle yet so do not feel I can give an in depth review.

Just became a subscriber

I waited until I finished my bottle before I decided to write a review. After seeing the product on the YouTube Channel Samarai Matcha, I must say I was influenced enough to bite the bullet and try a bottle. Living in LA, I received my bottle the next day. I'm going to say that starting this product was the best thing that I did for my body this entire year. If you are worried about the taste, don't be. I swear that if I ate pancakes I would use it as syrup. Delicious. I add mine to my morning protein shake or sometimes just in a cup of Oat Milk. My stomach loves this. It is much flatter and definitely notice far less bloating or indigestion. Could also be that it has definitely helped with elimination (tried to find a tactful way to say it). All I can say is give it a won't be sorry.

Trial Pack

I like the trial pack as well as the normal big bottles. It is very convenient. Maybe it could be better if it is a little bigger to accommodate the water that will be mixed in instead of pouring out the contents to a glass and mixing the required amount of water. Bottle will still be small. I wish the trial pack is not only a one-time purchase/order. If you decide to make the bottle a little bigger to accommodate the water required, I hope it will not be a one-time purchase.

Customer service

Great delivery time very quick and secure
UK Web site unable to subscribe

Cleared skin and mental felt clearer

I am buying the full size bottle now to see if the results are consistent! I like this stuff for sure though and I feel like it’s beneficial

Love Love Love!

This drink has really improve my gut issues. I drink one cup in the morning and one in the evening.

It taste really good

I’m been taking it for almost a month and I really like it. Great taste

Weight loss

I just finished my first bottle but haven’t experienced any significant difference apart from weight loss and suppressed appetite for food. KOSO can be good for people desiring to loose weight.

Tastes great and felt the difference right after

This tastes great. I drink it with sparkling water each morning and sometimes before I go to bed. I wanna say I lost a bit of weight the first week I started drinking it.

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