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Good Stuff!

Actually started on 28 Nov, so have been only using Koso for 7 days. The one definite effect has been the reduction of the "afternoon slump" where I feel like taking a nap. So far so good.

Smells bad but tastes good

So far I’ve done a one day cleanse and had no troubles getting through the day. It was quite tasty and gave me a little pep in my step to help me get through the day. Definitely gonna keep going with it to see if overtime I feel or see any benefits it will give to my body.

I enjoy the drink very much!

Gut Saver!

R’s Koso does what it says! Reduced bloat and aided in digestion. Happy gut, happy life.

great taste!

so far, my gut feels like it has been revived, with distension gone and I am drinking more water, enjoying the mornings! Super product.

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

Personal and Christmas Gift 🎁

I am giving a gift to my husband and one for myself. I will start my program in 10 days and is looking forward it.

It’s wonderful!

R’s Koso is the only cleanse product I’ve ever used that works the way it promises to. I notice a boost in energy and my digestive health that is markedly noticeable. Thank you!

Gut healing superfood

One of the best superfoods for your gut!

Great addition to our family health.

I felt the effects of using KOSO right away. I turned my son onto it and since day one of using it, his digestive difficulties began to get better. We love KOSO!

Timely help

Thank you for your timely help with my issue with the monthly subscription delivery issue with USPS

I have start feeling get more energy

Healthy gut healthy you

Love the taste of it and I have been taking it as breakfast cleanse every day. I have seen improvement in my energy levels and skin looks clear too.Feels great ! Will continue to take it for better health

Helped me in so many ways!

The Koso shake is the best drink ever and I have tried many many shakes. It has gotten me back to normal! I feel great with this daily shake. Mahalo!

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

Drink is great. Customer service is satisfactory.

3-Day Cleanse, Japanese Postbiotic Drink - R's KOSO -

Trial Packs are a Must!

I love these and have them with me all the time. They’ve saved me especially with airplane travel and work meals as sometimes I cannot stick to my diet plan and travel can interrupt my system.

Love this product. I mix with sparkling water and drink it during the day.


As Japanese, love and appreciate how it works on me!

1-Day Cleanse for 4 weeks - R's KOSO -

Helped my bloating!

I used to feel extra bloated every single day being a 52 year old woman in menopause. I feel that it has helped reduce some of my bloating!!

I love it. It works for me.

I have been communicating that I need 2 extra bottles this time aside from my regular subscription. I want to use my rewards and the balance charge to my credit card. I am going home to the Philippines for a month and I need to take them with me.

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