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Excellent Travel Size

I like this option because it’s easy to travel with and brings to work!


I love it and it helps me to manage with appetite control.

Will try again

I finished my 3 day cleanse. This trail pack only last for 3 days. Day1 I felt hungry. Day 2 I felt weak and hungry day three I felt weak not hungry at all. Overall my stomach was bloated or gassy. I mix the cleanse with both regular water and sparkling. I prefer the sparkling water. The taste of R’s koso is very tasty and sweet. The consistency is syrupy you have to mix it well in the water. I like it because of all the nutrients. I’m usually very bloated and gassy but I think this has helped a lot. My stomach needed this reset. It’s is pricy but I would definitely buy the bigger bottle and try it on my fasting days.


I just received the single daily meal replacement size and I love it. I just wish we could buy more than just 1. Always quick service to Hawaii (within 2 - 3 days) after ordering.

Best health drink

I am on my second bottle of R's KOSO , have used it for more than 50 days. I have 15 mills with 1/4 cup of cub soda . It tastes great and provides the nutrients my body needs and my gut health is much better. I wish I could buy it in Canada . But well worth It just the same. Cheers Eric

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz) * 12 bottles

Very Interesting and Unique!

My thoughts on Koso! When I first opened the bottle I thought, oh dear, if this taste the way it smells, not sure if I can drink it! Then I put one tablespoon into sparkling water! Woozy! Not bad! For me, it Did Not taste like grape juice!!!
After my first glass, and giving my system time to digest, I have to say I felt great!
The next morning I started my day with 2 TBS/1 oz-in sparkling water. It was awesome!
I have to say, I really look forward to having my glass of Koso!
The flavor is hard to describe, its Unique, the Sparkling water is key to a great experience. I have tried several different sparkling water brands, for me the more carbonation the better.
The packaging is beautiful and the shipping was pretty fast!
The only CON is I wish the bottle was bigger for the price, so it would last the whole month before my next subscription bottle arrives.
The bottle is only 16 oz. so drinking every morning. The bottle is gone within 16 days.
With all that said, I am really glad I tried Koso!

Surprisingly good

I did the 3-day cleanse, and while the drink was surprisingly delicious (thick, sweet, flavorful) it definitely wasn't enough to keep me from feeling hungry and crave solid food. Let's be real: it's ~5 oz of fluid PER DAY for 3 days and nothing else (besides water & non-caffeinated tea), so to think you'll feel 100% satiated is probably an unrealistic expectation.
I didn't experience any changes in bowel movements during the 3 days, but the break from solid food did seem to help my guts "reset" and helped with constipation starting on day 4.
Overall I'd recommend this product and plan on doing it regularly moving forward as a supplement to my regular eating regimen.

Best thing I've started taking in my 30's

I started this about a month ago, I drink it with water every morning and hold off eating for a few hours. This has helped my gut, my skin, & my energy. I highly recommend to anyone needing help with their digestive system.

Good product:)

I think the product is very good but it’s a little bit to pricy.

Excellent! Great, taste, value, feelings

I tried the morning ritual. Felt absolutely fantastic. No cravings, no hunger pangs, just energy and positive mindset.

Oh so good!

I drink it in the morning and I don’t feel hungry until late in the afternoon. It helps with my intermittent fasting. I’ll order it again. Thank you Koso!

Koso drink

I have taken koso for 4 days as breakfast substitute. I don’t think it’s enough time to tell about all the benefits of koso. One thing I noticed - I don’t have bloating and that by itself is a huge difference. Even if nothing else improves in my body I will still be taking koso.
Next bottle I will try 3 day cleanse. Thank you!

3-Day Cleanse every 60 Days + post cleanse, Subscribe & Save (30%OFF) - R's KOSO -

Really convenient for me as it's the only supplement I buy at the moment. I used to have a ton that I would take throughout the day but, now I just take KOSO during my morning fasting and in the evening. I eat a balanced diet but, I've seen improvents in my overall health through my skin and energy levels. So glad I have something like this that I will probably take throughout my whole life.


The trial pack for me was extremely convenient no measuring required my only wish is to not be limited to only one purchase!

Wholesale - KOSO, Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

This is a drink that I can’t start my day without. WAY to GO!


Amazing everyone must try

Great for Traveling!

These are perfect to travel with. Taste amazing!!!

Helped me curb cravings and immediately felt better too!

I have had some chronic issues with my throat of late due to drainage and allergies. I originally purchased R’s Koso to help with my cravings which it did, as I often have to start working immediately in the morning with no time to eat but need to feel like I have something healthy in my stomach. Once I started drinking R’s Koso, I found it helped me enormously not only feeling satisfied without a meal and energized for my morning, but it also helped with my throat issues, completely clearing up things in just three days of consistent use. Love it!!

Miss R’s Koso

My subscription stopped because my cc changed. I kept procrastinating to resubscribe. In that time I realized the difference in how I felt. I drank it for breakfast and didn’t feel hungry till lunch but I still have good energy. I finally have some coming in. Can’t wait!

Great tasting and healthy

The plum taste is really good. I’ve got more energy. There is a difference in my sleep. Love that it is Pre, pro and post Biotic!

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