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Koso review but pricey

It has worked wonders with my system and feel good just going through the full bottle consuming 30ml with water as a substitute for breakfast replacement. It is very pricey, it would be great to buy this around $35.

Works on me!

Helped me with my cravings!
I don’t crave sugars anymore.
Less bloating too.
Finished my 1st bottle, ordered 2 more and already subscribed.
It’s my breakfast and dinner routine.
Love it!

Not working for me

I did the drink to replace my morning meal. I didn’t feel any difference or has any experience like people’ in the the advertisement .
I feel like mine 100$ Is wasted!
Also ,it doesn’t taste like plum juice , it tastes more like the red Cabbage juice.


I love its complex, sweet taste! I add it to my smoothie every morning.

Helpful for stomach issue

I had a terrible case of leaky gut, and I spent months vomiting for hours every morning before I could get out the door. I’d have to wake up 5 hours before I left my house just to make sure I wasn’t going to throw up all over myself once I got in the car. I was also 436 lbs and totally miserable. I’m not gonna say that I got this drink and lost 140 lbs because that didn’t happen. I dieted and got down to 320 lbs before I got Koso, then I decided to do an extended fast with the aid of Koso, at this point my stomach was quite a bit better, but I was still throwing up most mornings and nauseous as hell every morning. I started my cleanse and every morning I would wake up sick, swallow the Koso, lay down and within 30 minutes if feel a bit more stable and was able to start moving around. I’d have another before leaving for work, and 1 or 2 more during my work day. It helped keep my stomach balanced and kept the nausea away. Day 2 was hard because of all the ghrelin, but after my 2nd Koso drink of the day I felt totally fine and hunger was gone. 3rd through 5th day we’re very very easy, I added water with fresh lemon throughout the whole day. I will definitely be doing another long term fast with Koso as an aid when I get my next bottle. I’m also getting my mom interested and I think it’d help her a lot too. The taste is great, I love it with the sparkling water. I could see some people having the smell turn them off, but it reminded me of branston which I love. It smells like fermented stuff, so if you like fermented foods you’ll be fine, if you’re not used to them then you might want to use extra water. This is an excellent product that I believe really helped me in my journey. I’m down to 295 now, and my stomach is much better than before the cleanse.

The results are amazing!

I started with the three day cleanse, with the results being amazing. My body felt more energized, my bloating subsided, and lost 2-3 pounds initially. The first day was exciting, I felt hungry the second day, but by the third day was fine. After the cleanse, I decided to do maintenance once daily to keep the bloating down. And it did just that! Since usage, I’ve lost 8 pounds of steady loss without being hungry. What has changed is I don’t crave sugars, or any junk food, I sleep much better, I feel energized, I’m very regulated, I don't have the bloating and I feel great. I did a review when I first started using it, and my only contribution was the taste. After two months, the results speak for the product. I plan to use this as daily maintenance, and once monthly do a one day cleanse.

Enjoying my Koso so far

The taste is wonderful and has been a great addition to my daily routine, since my IBS requires I get enough probiotics on a daily basis. I have definitely been experiencing a decrease in my IBS symptoms, like the bloating and stomach upset. I’ve recently started taking the Koso in the evening as well, so really looking forward to how that goes. I highly recommend if you’re at all on the fence. It’s totally worth the price for the health benefits and overall wellness


I was skeptical about this product. however it helps with my overall gut issues

Revolutionary Detox

Effective & deep

good result

I tried the 3 days meal program 2 weeks ago. Overall, I like the program. I had 4 oz of the juice daily, didn't feel hungry.
First day was a challenger, I took the first 1 oz about 10 am in the morning, by noon, I had a splitting headache. The headache eased up after the first day.
I am 70 years old, brisk walk 11/2 hours 6 days per week. The second and third day, I didn't have the energy, cut it down to 45 minutes.
Their customer service is helpful

My experience w Koso

It’s a wonderful product, truly made a difference in my gut health. My only problem is it is very expensive and as I’m retired I don’t know if I can continue long-term which is a shame but yes, pretty amazing results and it’s delicious!

I love this cleanse!!

Pricey but worth it! Tastes like plum wine!

The best thing so far!

This is the best supplement probiotic prebiotic I have ever tried! It took away my urge for sweets! And I had not thought of giving up coffee but that urge also went away with no headache! This is the best most mysterious stuff ever!

Excelletn Product


One of my favorite products !!

I start my day with a serving of this, and have felt better after making it a daily part of my routine. I absolutely love it - it tastes great and I have started sharing it with friends and family.

Feel the Dofference

A great meal replacement that’s not heavy.

Acid reflux relieve.

If you suffer from acid reflux, heart burn, Koso may help control the production of acid in your intestines.

My First Ever

New Year, New Me! I started using KOSO drink about 2wks.I was amazed with the taste.I noticed I have not craved for sweets.I was always eating thru out the day not appetite has reduced,I drink water all day which is something I rarely did.My energy has increased as well as my bathroom visits.and I lost 5lbs without even I truly recommend for anyone who wants nothing but goodness towards their health.

Amazing Results

It was harder on the third day for me as I started the cleanse while my asthma flared up. Not a great suggestion to be on a 3 day cleanse while you are not 100% well. I did drop 10 lbs in a matter of 6 days. I haven't had caffeine, alcohol, sugars, cravings at all. Today is my first day using the breakfast cleanse to do the up keep. Truly worth it and it's healthy inside and out. My skin is beyond radiant.

It’s excellent

It really works!
One bottle for me was enough and I’m very satisfied

Review of my curent use of KOSO as Daily meal replacement

I think its great, I’ve been having digestive track issues that have been slowly resolving and I’m feeling so much better . And this happened within the first week of taking it daily. I am no in my third week of the single daily meal replacement and will be doing this for another month . Before doing the one day cleanse and then after three months the 3 day cleanse .

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