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Would Def buy again

Lost 5 lbs doing 3 Day fast with this. Tastes light and refreshing. Helped keep hunger away. Plan to do fast with this product every couple of months. Wife had severe eczema and the fast with this product also calmed the Inflammation down.

Superb heathy product from japan that boosts my immunity

I enjoy taking a shot glass a day of this amazing product that provides energy and immunity and support for my body's health! I feel the changes and enjoy drinking it. It's sweet and I don't mix in water.


I like R’s Koso but I had to readjust in how many times I take it . I notice that it has not only cleansed me, but my skin is healthier and skin is more vibrant. I have more energy. I have no complaints and would recommend this product.

It was cool

Smelled bad but tasted fine. I did the morning breakfast cleanse for 7 days.I didn't necessarily have any stomach problems beforehand so I'm not really sure how to tell if the cleanse "worked" or not. I didn't lose weight or anything. I didn't feel too hungry from missing breakfast. I felt pretty good/healthy. Not much of a difference.

Gut buster

Has calmed my belly down a bit and I feel energized!

The Best so far

Excellent product. Really works. Tastes good.

Sweet healthy drink

I enjoy drinking this product with water twice a day. My spouse is Japanese and drinks it on its own in the morning and evening time. I highly recommend it for a balance of what my body needs daily. Thanks 🙏 a lot! James

Best Cleanse

Love it and I will do it again. It was super easy. I never felt hungry and I did not get a headache from not drinking coffee!!! Love it!!!

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

Great cleanse

I did 3 day cleanse and feel great!!! I’ll do again ! I have lots of energy but I really noticed how well I slept!!!! Great jump start to eating clean !!

Natural energizer

Since taking R's KOSO regularly every morning, I am energized and my mind is clear. My work is in the clinical laboratory at the hospital is intense and this is my energizer drink that is safe and healthy. Thank you for sharing this with us especially those with leaky gut problems. I do not crave junk food as much as I do before starting this routine. And I budget tightly to make it affordable to have a drink every morning.

The Utimate Super good Drink

I have been taking Koso in the Morning for about 3 Weeks. I can see my that my digestion is improving. Iam waiting to see how i feel and my digestion after two Months. With everything it takes time and it's my Health which is number one priority.

Morning Ritual

I’ve been doing the breakfast cleanse about a week after I received product and my tummy actually feels better. I had minor tummy ache before & was taking a med but stopped taking it because seems like no more tummy pain. I am looking forward to my next order. After a while of taking hoping continuing healthy weight loss toward being healthy all around.

Trial Pack - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (30ml/1oz × 5 bottles) - R's KOSO -

Didn't really see much effect

If anything it may have changed my digestion system for the worse! I

I am sleeping better. Just having trouble remembering, missed a day.

R's KOSO - Japanese Postbiotic Drink (474ml / 16oz)

Great skin thanks to R's Koso

I drink R' Koso everyday and my skin is loving it. I still have not felt the difference in terms of energy boost, regularity, but am not expecting miracle. Have ordered another bottle.


“You are what you eat!” … R’s KOSO has helped me to focus on my gut health and in a short time I’m seeing the results. This will now be a part of my lifestyle!

Koso Postbiotic Drink

I love ❤️ it a lot. I have tried so many different things, but this is the best so far. I can cleansed three days straight without food. I will continue to do it more! Thanks!!!

This stuff works!!!

I've had chronic nausea from four months of antibiotics. I started taking R's KOSO each morning about two weeks ago. The nausea is gone. I had tried everything. I really love this product!!!

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