R's KOSO product reviews

We have received so many amazing reviews. 

We are going to share some of the voices we received. Thank you to everyone who has tried R's KOSO and left the comments. We always love to hear your experiences and thoughts!




Highly recommend!

My gut health and energy have improved dramatically since I started drinking this. My energy levels have improvised and I am eating foods that I could not eat for years because I would have a terrible reaction. This drink is worth every Penny.

Elisa W




I have been using Koso drink for a couple of months now as a supplement and for one day cleanse. I saw a significant improvement in my gut health since using Koso. Bloating is reduced dramatically. I am able to eat foods that would cause bloating or irritate my stomach if I did not use Koso. Also, late lunch or dinner does not bloat me anymore. I also noticed that Koso aids in keeping stools soft. I highly recommend trying it for gut issues.





6 out of 5 Stars! Can’t recommend this product enough. In just a few short weeks, my joints feel more open, my digestion is drastically improved, and not only have I noticed a huge reduction in sugar cravings - but I don’t feel nearly as hungry all the time.

Very happy and am in for the long haul!





🤩 Amazing! I’ve always struggled with my gut, bloating, pain, cramping and not only did this help with my gut it gave me natural energy. My mom and I are obsessed. Totally worth it, it makes you feel brand new inside and out.

Aliene G.



Fantastic healthy drink Koso! I've tried Koso Cleanse it was a fantastic result about gut health and digestion. I've done a 3-Day Cleanse with R's KOSO. I heard about that is Japanese Juice cleanse. I lost 6 lbs and felt much better than before. I recommend mixing with sparkling water.

Hanami Suzuki



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