4 reasons why we need to be incorporating a variety of foods into our diet

Soul Enhancer Lana Maile is sharing with you her top 4 reasons why we need to be incorporating a variety of foods into our diet- not just Monday- Friday, but every single day.


You probably are already aware that eating fruits and veggies, having different herbs and spices, and eating a variety of foods is important for our health. Maybe you've heard the saying "Eat the rainbow" before and I don't mean candy.. but having a variety of fruits and veggies that have different colours. 


Most of us are probably not eating enough fruits and veggies, especially if you experience any symptoms related to digestion, inflammation, low/fluctuating energy, headaches, mood swings, etc. These are all signs of your body trying to communicate to you that it needs some more love which 80-90% of the time it will be more love from food/lifestyle. 

(Please speak to your doctor. This is just a general statement)  


What comes to mind when you think of the healthiest foods? Most likely a smoothie, soup, salad, etc. What do these things have in common? They all incorporate a variety of plants. These foods make you feel good too. Have you ever thought about why?


Plants are packed with polyphenols (the natural colour in the foods) and phytonutrients (there are tens of thousands known to exist) 


These components are more powerful when eaten in combination. Some powerful and popular combinations include broccoli/tomato, green tea/lemon, black pepper/turmeric. Black pepper/ turmeric, for example, by eating these foods together, the compounds in the black pepper make turmeric hundreds of times more effective compared to eating each of them on its own. 


Hence why eating a salad, soup, or smoothie where you have a mix of all these plant foods working together, helps deliver a variety of nutrients in a much more effective way into your body. But I also know sometimes it can be difficult to eat this way 100% of the time. Parties, birthdays, vacations, weekends... can all make it difficult and life is about balance and enjoyment too!


Things like managing stress is also important because not only are you what you eat... but you're actually more so what you eat and absorb. It's important to strengthen your gut health, have balance in life, so that your body can digest and absorb the nutrients you are feeding it properly. 


R's KOSO is made of more than 100 kinds of plant ingredients and you will get many different kinds of nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polyphenols, probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics, etc and allows you to ensure these are being delivered every single day whether it's a Tuesday work day or a Sunday fun day. It is important because our body needs love 24/7. Your cells never turn off, they're always working so it is important for us to be nourishing ourselves to support them and allow them to thrive. 


I hope you learned something!



Let's get started! 

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