72 hours FAST to RESET with R's KOSO

Reggi shares her experience of her 72 hours fast with R's KOSO. 


"I cannot tell you how much better I feel after finally doing 72 hours fast." 

-Reggi Sweat


She wanted to lose post-quarantine weight. However, she was struggling to conduct an extended fast until she found a Japanese probiotic drink called R’s KOSO which has proven to improve gut health. She thought that building back better digestive health while cleansing was a great idea. 

She mentioned in the video that the first 24 hours were a little tough as she was smelling food. The energy level was a little low. 

After 24 hours, her craving was subsided and she had energy. The smell of food did not bother her anymore. 

Once she went in 36~48 hours She felt calmer and her anxiety was stabilized. She worked every day during 48 hours cleanse. She noticed her mental clarity was improved and she was able to focus on work. 



3 days cleanse program consists of replacing 3 meals each day for 3 days with 3-5 servings of R's KOSO.

You can learn more about 3 days R's KOSO cleanse from here. 

Have you tried 3 days cleanse with R's KOSO? If so, feel free to share your experience with us! 


Let's get started! 

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