Why taking probiotics before a meal might be the most effective?

If you have never taken probiotics, you surely would’ve heard about them by now, with growing research of their health benefits. Probiotics are living microorganisms in your gut that are good for you, especially your digestive system.

They are also naturally occurring microorganisms that live in various quantities in fermented or cultured food such as yogurt (not the sugary type), kefir, sauerkraut or kimchi. If you don’t normally consume the previously listed foods, it is better to take a supplement for them to support your gut health.  


Is there a good time to take probiotics? 

Just like most supplements, usually, probiotics being a functional food/supplement on their own should be taken at a specific time. Depending on the strain of probiotics that you are taking, some literature may suggest it is best to take it prior to sleeping when your gut is the most inactive, or when you have first woken up in the morning. But it is usually not the timing that is critical but why you should be adjusting your timing with the time you take probiotics. 

We all know when we consume food, we have stomach acid in our stomach to help us break down the food we have consumed. This applies the same to the probiotics we are consuming, but in this case, this mechanism is working against us. Because probiotics are beneficial living organisms, you would want most of them to be alive and survive through your stomach acid and make it all the way to your intestine where it will help your digestive system to do its goods. 

Based on the clinical research, it is best to take probiotics before a meal. The study concluded that probiotics given 30 mins after the meal did not survive in high numbers as supposed to take before a meal.  Prior to a meal, this is the time when your stomach is the least acidic when there is no food in your system, as soon as the food enters your body, the stomach acid will be secreted to help you digest the food that you just ate, which will break down the probiotics along with the food. 


Why is cleanse with R’s KOSO an effective way to improve gut health?

Just as mentioned before, probiotics usually live in fermented food. Koso means enzyme or ferment in Japanese. It is a century-old traditional fermented drink made from vegetables, fruits & plants. 

R’s KOSO is an effective way to improve gut health. It is rich in not only probiotics but also prebiotic and postbiotics. The liquid format does not require any binding agent or any unnecessary chemicals that are required for capsule or tablet formats of probiotics. Compared to the tablet form of probiotics supplements which can be harder to break down than liquid, R's KOSO is easier on your body.

It is a well-designed cleanse system, we recommend starting with our breakfast cleanse method then gradually increase to our 3-Day cleanse program. This allows you to consume the probiotics when your stomach acidic is the weakest, with an absence of food to allow for optimal results and improve your gut and digestion. 

Let's get started! 



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