Refer to a friend and get a free bottle of R's KOSO

Refer us to your friends and family and get a free bottle of R's KOSO ($99 value).

Give your friends 15% off on their first order of $74+ and get a free bottle of R's KOSO ($99 value) for each successful referral.


How it works?

Referring to a friend is so easy!

Refer a friend to us by sharing your referral link with them. Once they purchase R’s KOSO through your referral link (using a 15% off code), you’ll get a free bottle code. 

*The same shipping address or billing address cannot be considered a successful referral.


Step-by-step instructions

1. Go to this page :

2. Share your referral link 

How to get a free bottle of R's KOSO


Several ways to share the referral link:

①Type your friend’s email address in the box and proceed with the "Next" button.

②Copy link and share it with your friend

③Other social media/messaging apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp



3. Your friend purchase R’s KOSO from your referral link

Your friend clicks the link and sees the below screen:

(He/she should use the promo code at checkout to get 15% off on their order, and to be eligible as a successful referral by you.)

*To get the discount code your friend will need to turn off the "Hide IP address" option in the Safari privacy settings.

4. After a successful referral, you will receive an email with a free bottle code.


Please note:

1) It will take 10 days for our system to send the free bottle code.

2) Shipping fees for free bottle redemption orders are not included.


If you have any questions, please reach us at


Let's get started! 

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