Pilates exercises for digestive health

Pilates lesson by holistic nutritionist/pilates instructor Eriko.

Exercises such as pilates support digestive health by improving circulation, improving good posture, and reducing stress.

One of the six essential principles of pilates is breathing. Deep breathing increases blood flow to the stomach which supports digestion by supplying oxygen that is necessary for digestion. Proper blood flow is also important for the absorption of nutrients and energy production as blood carries nutrients and oxygen to every cell.

Poor digestive health could be from your posture. Pilates helps maintain good posture by strengthening the core. Good posture can help reduce stomach discomfort such as reflux. Your posture also affects the blood flow.

When you are stressed, your digestion slows down since your body focuses on dealing with stress. Pilates helps manage stress as light exercise reduces the level of the stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Rhythmic exercises and breathing help increase the level of serotonin which is known as a mood stabilizer.

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