The Japanese Recipe of Post 3-Day Koso Cleanse

Koso Cleanse - post cleanse recipe
After your 3-Day Koso Cleanse (or more like 5 Day cleanse), try to watch your diet especially the first week after the cleanse. We suggest you avoid the following foods: red meat, fish, dairy products, processed food, fatty meals, deep-fried food, sweets, gluten, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. 
Recommend food are vegetables, fruit, bean, tofu, sesame, seed, fermented food, mushrooms, potato, soba, seaweed and so on. 
We suggest you continue consuming Koso on a daily basis by drinking the Koso mixture with meals to help with digestion. If you stop it your gut might return to your previous.


Recommended during Pre and Post Cleanse *Japanese traditional food category
• ま(Ma):Mame=Beans, Tofu, Natto
• ご(Go): Goma=Sesame, Sprouted seeds
• に(Ni):Niku=Meat (OK from Day 7)
• は(Ha): Hakko food=Fermented foods, Pickles, Miso, Vinegar, Japanese plums
• や(Ya): Yasai=Vegetables
• さ(Sa): Sakana=Fish (OK from Day 7)
• し(Shi): Shiitake and Mushrooms
• い(I)    : Imo=Potatoes, Grains, Buckwheat Noodles
• わ(Wa): Wakame, Seaweed, Mozuku, Scab

Koso Cleanse Japanese food - R's KOSO -


There is sample menu on that below. 

1st day after 3-Day Koso Cleanse

Try to choose vegetables and avoid carbohydrates to control blood sugar levels. 
・Morning: UME NAGASHI (Japanese plum, boiled daikon), cucumber, miso Koso (*) 
・Lunch: Seaweed salad, Daikon miso soup
・Night: Tofu and green onion miso soup, Tomato and avocado with soy sauce, Broccoli with sesame sauce, Edamame


2nd day after 3-Day Koso Cleanse

Start taking carbohydrates little by little. You can eat rice and fruit. Porridge is one of the ideas to take 2nd day to digest easily. 
・Morning: Salad, Fruit, Koso (*) 
・Lunch: Brown rice porridge (80%), Pickles, Wakame and cucumber with vinegar, Soaked spinach 
・Night: Brown rice porridge (50%), Miso soup, Japanese plum, Pickles, Kinpira Gobo (Braised Burdock Root), Salted kelp cabbage, Hot tofu with ginger


3rd day after 3-Day Koso Cleanse

Start increasing carbohydrates more than 2nd day. Tofu hamburger(patty) is one of the meals to satisfy your meal.
・Morning: Smoothies, Fruits, Mushroom Salad, Koso (*) 
・Lunch: Buckwheat Noodles with wakame, Tomato salad, Cold tofu, Natto
・Night: Brown rice, Miso soup, Japanese plum, Pickles, Tofu hamburger, Stir-fried pumpkin, Stir-fried mushrooms, Salad

*30ml /1oz with ½ cup of filtered or sparkling water 
Enjoy your meal again. The important thing is taking your time and making sure you chew well. With a thankful heart to the meal!
After your first cleanse, you may go back to eating the way you did before the cleanse. We suggest you do the Koso 3-Day Cleanse every 2 months. We highly suggest you continue the Breakfast Cleanse after the 3-Day Cleanse to help maintain your gut health and weight. 
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