R's KOSO Cleanse for Easy Weight Control

Yasuko is a National Board and California State Certified Massage Therapist based in Orange County, California.

She has been doing cleanse every 2~3 months since last year as it is an easy and healthy way to lose weight.


Fasting aids in weight loss in two ways. 

1, Fasting helps limit calorie intake

Withholding from all or certain foods and beverages should decrease your overall calorie intake.

2, Fasting helps boost metabolism

Some research has found that short-term fasting may boost metabolism by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which could boost weight loss.

The Benefit of Fasting Over 24 Hours and Evidences


Check out the video to learn how she does R's KOSO cleanse and her experience with it.

Let's get started! 

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