How to choose the best KOSO

We get it, there are a lot of different things on the market. When making a decision on what to purchase, it can even feel overwhelming at times!

That is why we put this blog post together. To help you make an informed choice when it comes to your health and something that you are putting into your body.

First and foremost…


What is KOSO?

“Koso’’ is defined as an enzyme or a ferment in Japanese. Koso drink is a traditional enzyme drink created from vegetables, fruits, and plants, which provides abundant probiotics and prebiotics. Koso is popular among young Japanese women, juice cleansers, and individuals who attempt intermittent fasting. Koso has been a healthy and safe dietary supplement in Japan, dating back about 100 years.

Read the full blog post on this here:

There is no doubt that Koso is an amazing addition to any lifestyle and diet whether you are looking to achieve a specific health goal or for overall health maintenance.


So how does R’s KOSO compare to others?

We take great pride in the thoughtfulness behind our product creation.

These are some things you should take note of when comparing Koso on the market.


Diluted or undiluted?

Businesses survive by making a profit. Unfortunately, many companies will thus choose profits over the quality of their products. Some Koso is diluted with cheap ingredients such as syrup and water. Sometimes you can catch this by reading the ingredient label of the product. Other times, you won’t know until you taste the product to see if it is diluted or not.

Everyone who drinks R’s KOSO can agree that our products are very concentrated, giving it an almost syrupy effect without any syrups being added. This not only makes R’s KOSO a better bang for your buck by giving you more nutrients per sip but also allows our consumers to make yummy drinks by mixing R’s KOSO with their favorite sparkling water, etc

Recipe ideas from our YouTube playlist here:


Made of a variety of high-quality ingredients?

R’s KOSO is made of more than 100 kinds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, including seasonal foods. It’s the synergy in these whole food ingredients working together which gives R’s KOSO the nutritional power over other brands. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs in our blend working together are what make the vitamins and minerals more effective and bio-available to the body…meaning the nutrients the body is receiving are introduced in a form that the body knows how to use more efficiently!


Are ingredients Non-GMO, clean?

R’s KOSO uses only non-GMO ingredients. This is important as Koso is a concentrated nutritional product. If a product doesn’t have a non-GMO label, it could do harm to the body. Not only are the food ingredients being concentrated, but the chemicals on them are being concentrated too. You could be putting toxins into your body without realizing it.


How long has it been fermented?

R’s KOSO is fermented for over one year and this adds to the quality of the nutrition within the product. The way a product is fermented is important too, as different fermentation processes can affect the quality of the natural bacteria present. A high-quality fermented product will have high-quality bacteria which helps with gut health and overall health.


Are there additives?

Lastly, what makes R’s KOSO especially special is that our products do not contain any unnecessary ingredients. Meaning everything that is on the label, has a purpose and has been thought out carefully. R’s KOSO has your health in mind with no artificial color, preservative, or fragrances. And we wouldn’t even consider it either with our quality ingredients, the color and smell are just the way you’d want your health drink to be.

We hope this blog post helps you see what you should watch out for when looking for KOSO and how R’s KOSO differentiates from others. Our health is so important and we only have one body… it is important to ensure we are giving it the best.

Let's get started! 



Original Photo by Kristal Foodie

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