Why KOSO cleanse?

There are many different ways to use Koso drink, the most popular way to use is to Juice Cleanse with Koso. It is called Japanese style Cleanse also called Koso-Cleanse. Japanese style Cleanse usually includes drinking Koso drink and fasting, and there are several ways to do it. Most popular methods are juice cleanse and intermittent cleansing. Intermittent cleaning is done by replacing one or two meals with Koso. Fermented juice cleanse includes consuming Koso but nothing else for 3days. Japanese Juice Cleanse can improve our gut health, help support the liver, prevent malnutrition, and help weight loss. 


Koso Cleanse and the gut health

Koso Cleanse can help our liver to rest by improving our intestinal health. Our intestine is covered by many different kinds of bacterias and yeasts. When we have a good balance of these bacterias and yeasts, our body functions much better. However, when its balance is off, some of them start producing toxins. Our liver has to deal with these toxins produced by the overgrowth of undesirable bacteria. 
Therefore, it is important to keep microflora balanced by getting beneficial bacteria, yeasts, and prebiotic fibre which feeds these bacterias and yeasts from our diet. Koso drink contains both probiotic and prebiotic. Koso Cleanse can help us keep a good balance of microflora. 


How does Koso Cleanse support liver health?

Our liver is often overworking from the toxins we get from our diet, environment, and over growth of unwelcomed bacteria in the intestine, Liver is the organ of detoxification. When our liver is tired, we cannot get rid of toxin from our body as well. Koso Cleanse helps our digestive system rest and supports our liver. 
During a Koso Cleanse, we consume koso drink fermented with traditional Japanese methods. Fermentation makes it easier for our body to digest foods as nutrients are partly broken down by enzymes during the process of fermentation, so our body doesn’t need to work hard to digest Koso drink. Also, before and after the cleanse, we reduce the amount of food we consume, and choose foods are more easily digested and helping to support digestive system. We are able to rest our digestive system and slowly help get it back to work by following the proper steps. 


Koso as an energy drink

We can also use koso as an energy drink or supplement. This is an another popular way to use Koso drink. Koso is first introduced as a dietary supplement about 100 years ago. It was difficult to get enough nutrients from the diet at the time. Koso was a great invention as it contained not only nutrients from its ingredients but also nutrients added during the process of fermentation. 
Some people are too busy to have a meal. We also lose appetite as we age. It is hard to always have a balanced diet. It is difficult to get enough nutrients only from foods including people like athletes who are more active and use more energy. Drinking Koso can help us prevent malnutrition.  


Koso for weight loss

We gain weight when we eat more calories than we burn. Calorie deficit is necessary for weight loss, however it is not that simple. Eating less and low calorie foods means getting less nutrients. We crave food and our body doesn’t function properly when we are not getting enough nutrients. This is why the low calorie diet often doesn’t work and leads to regaining lost weight. 
What we need is to eat balanced meals by choosing good quality foods. However many of us do not have knowledge to do this right. 
Replacing a meal or fasting with koso drink can reduce calorie intake, and we are still getting a variety of nutrient. Koso drink contains nutrient that fuels our brain and body. This prevents us from craving food during fasting.
Our body is smarter than we think. It knows what we need and what we don’t. However our ability to sense this is weakened by consuming too many additives, chemicals, and so on. We can help to reset our body by Koso Cleanse so we can start listening to our body again. 


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