【RECIPE】Gut Healthy Postbiotic Apple Tea

Many of you probably have heard this saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Not only an apple, but also cinnamon, ginger, and tea are high in antioxidants which help support your gut health. Having this tea with R's KOSO could increase the benefits of taking R's KOSO. 


Let me talk about cinnamon before introducing this recipe to you.


There are two main types of cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is also known as “true” cinnamon

I always choose Ceylon cinnamon because of its delicate flavor and the amount of coumarin it contains.

Coumarin is a sweet-smelling compound and is harmful.

Cassia cinnamon contains higher amounts of coumarin than Ceylon cinnamon. 

If you don’t eat cinnamon often you don’t need to worry about this too much, but if you have cinnamon on a regular basis or you take a large dose, it is a good idea to choose Ceylon cinnamon.


This recipe will become your favorite in no time. 



Sliced apple 1/2 apple

Ginger 3 Slices

Ceylon cinnamon 1 Stick

Tea bags 2 Bags

R's KOSO 1 Tablespoon



1. Add sliced apple, ginger, tea bags, and hot water to a pot

2. Let it steep for 5 minutes

3. Pour the tea into a cup

4. Wait until the tea gets 50 degrees celsius, then add R's KOSO.

5. Add R’s KOSO


Let's get started! 



Eriko Shintani

Certified holistic nutritionist/Holistic nutrition advisor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vegefuldays/

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