Natural Pre-Workout Superfood Energy Drink from Japan - R's KOSO

Did you know it can also be a great pre-workout drink? I believe so and here’s why I think that!

Leading up to a workout session, the main macronutrient you will need is carbohydrates for energy. The most ideal sources of carbs are easy to digest and absorb so you don’t feel ill during the workout - we’ve all been there.

And also, we want a whole food source of carb because this means it comes with lots of micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, to fuel your metabolism as little spark plugs for metabolic processes.

Since workouts are considered a form of physical stress, it can really help to prime your body with a good source of nutrient-dense fuel before. 

R’s Koso is a fermented beverage that is rich in easy-to-break down carbs and many micronutrients. It is a product that has been part of the Japanese Traditional Diet for over a century!

Plus it is light on the tummy so you don’t feel weighed down during your training.

After you drink all the goodness of Koso, here are 5 total-body bodyweight movements you can try at home that are easy to scale, not noisy, and minimum jumping!

・1 and a quarter squats
・Single leg deadlift into a high knee
・Inchworm + mountain climber
・Dolphin push-ups
・Rainbow taps

Let's get started! 

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