The Origin Of The Moon Diet/Werewolf

The belief of the moon’s influence on human and animals’ behaviors dates back to ancient times from folktale to medicine. By the 16th century, the moon’s position became an essential part of medicine. Physicians used to track the moon’s position, for example, the waxing phases of the moon were thought to be beneficial for bloodletting, the full moon was thought to intensify a patient’s fever.  

In Hinduism, the god Chandra is believed to embodies the movement and changing faces of the moon which is closely aligned with sickness and health. It is believed that eating during a lunar eclipse is harmful to health because eclipse leads to emission of strong ultraviolet rays that impact cooked food as it is prepared with water that attracts more emission which turns cooked food into poison, that’s why usually fasting is suggested. 

What does science say?

Aside from the gravitational pull of the moon’s effect on the sea, there is not much research done on the effect of the moon on humans. In a 2013 study conducted, it is found that sleep varies across the lunar cycle. 

The real mechanism may not be established, however, there is a theory that the light coming from the full moon might disrupt people’s sleep which influences their mood hence the werewolf tales. Newer studies tend to eliminate the light theory, as modern-day light pollution is really common, which eliminates the effect of the lightness from the moon. 

Another idea is that instead of the light, the moon might trigger fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field, for example, the oceans are electronically conducting as they carry salty water, as water flow in tides, this may impact people that are sensitive. 

Other studies indicate the lunar cycle having an impact on human reproduction, especially infertility, mensuration, and birth rate. Melatonin seems to be correlated with the menstrual cycle. Admittance to hospital unit because of various causes such as cardiovascular, diarrhea has been correlated with moon phases. Animal studies revealed that the lunar cycle may affect hormonal changes in fish, lunar clock influences reproduction. It is suggested that melatonin and endogenous steroids may mediate the cyclic alteration of the physiologic process. The release of neurohormones may somehow be triggered by the electromagnetic radiation or the gravitational pull of the moon. 

The moon diet

According to the moon diet also known as the lunar or werewolf diet, which is divided into the following four phases: 

1st phase

Moon is waxing, this is when the moon is full of light from the new moon to the full moon. Our body will be storing energy and absorbs everything. This is when cravings are high, and overeating might happen. 

2nd phase

Full moon, this is when emotions, feelings in the body are high. This is the time to eliminate, so it is a great time to perform a 1-3 day fast, as, without the burden of food, it is easier for the body to rid of toxins. You start your fast on the eve of the full moon or best a few days earlier also known as the extended moon diet. The basic version is that you don’t eat past 6 pm, but the best practice is to perform a full fast, only consuming water and detox juices is a great way for weight management and also the elimination of unwanted things. As this is the elimination phase, it is best to avoid dairy, caffeine, alcohol, or any sugary drinks which will disturb the elimination process. 


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3rd phase

Moon is waning. Moonlight is slowly reducing, and this is when the body is naturally detoxing and removing toxins. This is the best time to start a new diet. So, if you did a fast during the full moon, this is when you should start slowly reintroducing solids back to the diet. 

4th phase

New moon, this is when the body is most fluid and trying to move from elimination back to assimilation. This is when your cravings will come back up again, and another cycle continues. 


Though there is no empirical data conducted on the moon diet yet, it has been said to detoxify the body and enhance the digestive and immune system as well as the benefit of weight loss. That’s why some celebrities including Demi Moore and Madonna supposedly have tried them as well. 

A Full Moon occurs when the Moon appears as a complete circle in the sky. We see it as a full orb because the whole of the side of the Moon facing the Earth is lit up by the Sun's rays.


There is abundant energy around the full moon. You can make good use of it. Here are 6 ways to utilize the energy. Try these rituals on the night of a full moon.

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Full moons of 2024

Full Moon Date



Jan 25

Wolf Moon

9:54 a.m.

Feb 24

Snow Moon

04:31 a.m.

Mar 25

Worm Moon

12:01 a.m.

Apr 23

Pink Moon

04:51 p.m.

May 23

Flower Moon

06:55 a.m.

Jun 21

Strawberry Moon

06:10 p.m.

Jul 21

Buck Moon

03:19 a.m.

Aug 19

Sturgeon Moon

11:28 a.m.

Sep 17

Harvest Moon

07:36 p.m.

Oct 17

Hunters Moon

04:27 a.m.

Nov 15

Beaver Moon

01:29 p.m.

Dec 15

Cold Moon

01:02 a.m.


Let's get started with Moon Diet!

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