How is juice cleanses beneficial?

Juice cleanses have been gaining much interest, Social media, documentaries and other videos relating health and weight loss with juicing have also allowed juice cleansing to be increasingly popular. However, just how beneficial are they? Is this just a trend or are they as amazing as these films and videos are claiming them to be?

What is a juice cleanse?

For those who are unsure, when you are on a juice cleanse you consume nothing but juices (and water of course). There are many variations as well. For example, Cold-pressed Juice, Kombucha, lemonade, and KOSO which is a Japanese traditional fermented drink. Store-bought cleanses typically ranges from 1-day, 3-day, 5-day or 7-days.

How is juice cleanses beneficial?

Regardless of the type of cleanse, there are definitely pros and cons to juice cleansing. The idea that juice cleansing is beneficial to our health is that most people overeat, eat too often, and/or eat a high-protein, high-fat, and acidic diet. Following this diet consistently over time can contribute and increase the risk of many diseases and health concerns of excess nutrition, such as chronic degenerative diseases, heart diseases, allergies, diabetes, cancer and more.
By fasting and going on a juice cleanse, it can encourage a shift from an unhealthy and excessive diet to a healthier and more balanced one. When following the typical protocol, it reduces the amount of calories and potentially all the processed, refined and junk foods that are often consumed. Drinking cold-pressed juices and going on a short juice cleanse may help initiate a change in lifestyle and diet for the average person who is currently eating a standard North American diet; a diet that may be lacking in many crucial and beneficial nutrients. Cold-pressed juices, are also rich in nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. As a result, it may help promote better bodily functions and improved detoxification, resulting in potential benefits such as improved energy, weight loss, mental clarity, improved mood and more.
How is juice cleanses beneficial?

Things that you need to keep in your mind during juice cleanse.

Juice cleansing or fasting for a long period of time can also pose some hazards. Due to the drastic decrease in calories, it can contribute to depletion and weakness to the body, and increasing susceptibility to disease. Thus, people with diabetes, pregnant or lactating women, or people with a weak immunity should stray away from cleanses. Whenever our bodies are going through a phase of building and nourishment, fasting and cleansing is not recommended. It is important to change the duration, frequency, and the ingredients and the amount of juice you drink during cleanse by always listening to your body. 
The way that worked for you before or for others might not give you the same result. Be mindful how you feel. If you feel well, continue. If you feel weak or sick, change how you do or stop. Listen to your body and find what works best for your mind and body.

Next Juice Cleanse? What is R's KOSO Cleanse?

R's KOSO cleanse is one of the traditional Japanese method to keep your body healthy. Although there are several ways to R's KOSO cleanse, it usually includes drinking R's KOSO drink and eat food which are easy to digest before, during, and after cleanse. R's KOSO cleanse is great way to rest your digestive system, support live, and replenish microbiom. R's KOSO drink is a fermented beverage using traditional Japanese method. It contains variety of nutrient such as vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and amino acids. R's KOSO cdrink has more than 70 years of history in Japan. People of all ages use KOSO drink to lose weight, detox, increase energy, and so on. 
R's KOSO Cleanse is similar to the Cold-pressed Juice Cleanse method. The main difference is that Koso is rich in prebiotics, probiotics and, the enzyme that help digestion and gut health. 
Haas, E.M., & Levin, B. (2006). Staying healthy with nutrition. New York, NY: Random House Inc.
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