How to do Intermittent fasting with R's KOSO

R's KOSO intermittent fasting is one of the traditional Japanese intermittent fasting methods to keep your body healthy. It is a great way to rest your digestive system, support live and replenish microbiome.
And, R's KOSO intermittent fasting is similar to the bulletproof intermittent fasting. The main difference is drinking Koso in the morning.
If you need the below, you are the right person to do R's KOSO Intermittent fasting (Breakfast Cleanse).
・Problems with your gut and stomach
・Poor digestion
・Looking to lose weight
・Want to start slowly


What is breakfast cleanse / 16:8 intermittent fasting with R's KOSO?

Koso Cleanse - 3 Day Cleanse

The R's KOSO Breakfast Cleanse is similar to the 16/8 intermittent fasting method which involves limiting eating food to a set window of 8 hours per day and abstaining from food for the rest of the 16 hours. The main difference is that you drink R's KOSO a few hours before the 16 hour fast ends. 
This method can be repeated as frequently as you like, from once a week to every day, depending on your lifestyle. If you have a chance we suggest to do every day and at least for 2 weeks. 16/8 intermittent fasting has been in popularity in recent years, especially among those looking to change life rhythm and lose weight.
It's easier to continue intermittent fasting and possible to improve your gut health. Recommended for people who are new to do Juice Cleanse and intermittent fasting or who want to do intermittent fasting into their daily lives.

How to use R's KOSO:

During the cleanse (breakfast time), mix 30ml /1oz (check measuring cup that comes with bottle) of R's KOSO with ½ cup of filtered or sparkling water. You can also replace lunch or dinner with R's KOSO. It is suggested that you do not consume food or any other drinks (tea, alcohol, juice, coffee) during this time. It is important to follow this regimen.
After the cleanses, we suggest you continue consuming R's KOSO on a daily basis by drinking the R's KOSO mixture with meals to help with digestion. 


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