Dr. Nick Zyrowski explains the health benefits of Postbiotics

A summary of Dr. Zyrowski's YouTube video "Health Benefits of Postbiotics - Your Gut Needs These!"

Now you've probably heard of prebiotics and probiotics and that's because they're really popular, but what you haven't heard of is postbiotics and your health may be suffering as a result.


What are postbiotics?

Prebiotics are the group of nutrients that feed good bacteria in your gut, probiotics are the healthy bacteria themselves. Postbiotics are the beneficial compounds that good bacteria make as they feed on the prebiotics. Think of it this way, good bacteria eat, and then they produce healthy bioactive compounds that improve your health. The beneficial compounds that postbiotics create are things such as enzymes, peptides peptidoglycan-derived muropeptides, polysaccharides, cell surface proteins, teichoic acids, and organic acids. Postbiotics can reduce the symptoms of IBS, boost your immune system, and also increase the potency of probiotics. If you are going to invest in probiotics you are going to want the postbiotics in order to help them thrive.


How postbiotics can improve your health directly?


1. Immune health

Postbiotics have properties that help strengthen your immune system. For example, postbiotics like butyrate can stimulate the production of regulatory T cells in the intestines and those cells control how great of an immune response your body will have to a virus or a pathogen you understand now more than ever today how important it is to have a well-functioning immune system to protect you from these different viruses and pathogens. The reason that this actually happens is that postbiotics are improving your gut health and most of your immune system is located within your gut.


2. Inflammation

Postbiotics have also been shown to increase the production of anti-inflammatory chemical messengers called cytokines that help reduce inflammation in your body and this is really huge because there is a good chance that you are dealing with way too much inflammation in your body right now.


3. Gut health 

Postbiotics have been shown to lessen symptoms associated with IBS and even colitis so it looks pretty promising that if postbiotics are improving symptoms that are associated with really severe gut conditions. They will also improve bloating, gas, diarrhea, and some general irritation that you may be facing now. When you improve your gut health you will also indirectly see an improvement in allergies, skin health, and even brain health which are all benefits correlated with using postbiotics.


4. Metabolic health (weight loss!) 

Postbiotics have even shown some very compelling benefits in the way of improving your metabolic health. One study showed that postbiotics helped suppress hunger signals. There was another study that showed that the postbiotic butyrate helps manage your blood sugar levels. Now when you combine balancing your sugar levels and also suppressing hunger signals this will lead to weight loss every time which is pretty cool.


5. Alternative to pre/probiotics

You may find yourself having negative reactions to taking probiotics. It happens all the time when you take probiotics you don't feel good you get bloated from them. Clinical evidence shows that postbiotics could actually be a better option for you to get the immediate benefits that the probiotics would have otherwise offered you, but without all the side effects. So outside of prebiotics and probiotics, postbiotics are another way to improve your gut health today.



Sometimes your gut needs an extra boost and R's KOSO can help. You can use it daily or just for a cleanse, R’s KOSO can support your gut health. R’s KOSO is a Japanese postbiotic drink made from over 100 vegetables, fruits, and plants that go through a fermentation process for a whole year. It is non-GMO,  gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. Even with all of these ingredients, R’s KOSO tastes like plum juice! It is really the whole package. 

Dr.Zyrowski used  R's KOSO to break his fast and he found it to be very helpful. He noticed that he had less bloating and better digestion. R's KOSO contains postbiotics, probiotics, and prebiotics which are all really good for your gut health. Taking care of your gut health can help with weight loss, mental health, immune system, and skin health (making your skin glow!).

Let's get started! 



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