【Recipe】Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummy - R's KOSO

Do you know that you can mix other ingredients with R's KOSO?
There are recipes for our healthy sweets. Our R’s KOSO gummy will make your home happy. Ingredients and methods are very simple the following. 

Gelatin 5g
R's KOSO 50ml
Water 100ml

1, Mix together 20ml water and gelatin
2, Pour water into a small pot and heat up the water (keep it under 70 degree. Avoid boiling the water)
3, Add (1) to (2)
4, When water gelatine mixture (1) is dissolved completely, add the rest of the water (50ml) to cool it down
5, Add R's KOSO to (4)
6, Pour into mold (you could use a container and cut it into small pieces later)
7, Keep it in the fridge for one hour


Let's get started!


* If you are interested in R's KOSO Jello recipe. Please check this link as well. → Here 
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