Cleansing Regularly is Paramount to Keeping to Healthy Body

The human body is miraculous in many ways, for one it is self-healing, in more than one way when given the opportunity to function in the right conditions. In its natural state, the body is functioning with optimum digestive levels, good stamina, high energy level, a healthy weight, bright-hued glowing skin, and certainly a strong immune system. Sadly, the majority of our populations live under less-than natural conditions where we are consistently being exposed to too many chemicals from indoor and outdoor pollutants. The air we breathe, the water we drink and shower with, the foods we eat, the cosmetics we use and the buildings we live and work in, are often loaded with exponentially high levels of toxic chemicals that alone or in combination overburden the body and result in acute
and chronic diseases, leading to premature suffering and death. When we take actions to remove these pollutants on a daily basis by supporting the body with good quality whole foods nutrients like those found in R’s Koso fermented drinks, and get all the fresh clean air from nature, our bodies spring back into health as if by magic. This is our natural
medicine; this is how we allow the body to self-heal, from time to time. We see results that revitalize our incredibly efficient body systems.


Body Detoxification

The human body has an amazing natural detoxification pathways built right in involving the digestive system, and the lymphatic system, to filter out toxins. When allowed to function optimally, the body can handle a natural level of toxins, however, with the increased chemical and environmental toxins we face in today’s world, those pathways
have become heavily overloaded. Several studies indicate that the healthy detoxification pathways are a fundamental component of peak health, and once we allow them to function, we can see the body function optimally at various levels. The sluggish feeling we get during the day can be the result of excess toxins in the body, decreasing the energy levels. Removing excess toxins can help to increase these energy levels and keep you going strong throughout the day. Furthermore, natural body responses like a fever are an essential response to infection that has been executed by integrated survival benefit to further help the immune responses. Similar to cleansing, hot thermal temperatures helps the body naturally cleanse itself from the bad bacteria, a dry sauna, thermal pools, can also benefit the body to imitate that response. Reducing inflammation Through diet and exercise, reducing inflammation is an important aspect of cleansing, as it supports your digestive system through eating a diet of whole foods packed full of the nutrients your body needs and getting the body to move. Ingredients found in the R’Koso are examples of dense nutrients required to reduce inflammation, they help the body combat inflammatory cellular functions, to neutralize and expel form the body. Healthy skin, which is bright and unblemished, is usually a clear indicator of the body’s toxin and hormonal levels within the body, and being one of the largest organs in detoxification, the skin usually can help further understand what is going on inside the body. Taking steps further simply involves adding in more antioxidant-rich nutrients, like those found in R’s KOSO, which help neutralize free radicals, heavy metals and other toxins to improve the appearance of your skin, resulting in strengthening your immune system, and optimizing the lymphatic systems buidup.


Brain and Gut Inflammation

An improved mood is also seen when the digestive system is cleansed, as those toxins can also affect brain function. Removing the buildups through cleansing periodically can also improve with your mental and emotional state, opening yourself up to better sleep, clearer thoughts and positive energy. According to a German research study, the hormone cortisol is released when we’re stressed, which hinders liver function. Periodically doing cleanses, up to three days every couple of months can help regulate your cortisol levels, helping to manage your internal stress through the chemical imbalance it had caused. Processed foods like sugar, alcohol and caffeine have shown cause adrenal fatigue; therefore eliminating these from your daily intake and selecting nutrient dense foods like R’s KOSO, gives the adrenal glands a refresh. Healthy adrenal glands could help you better cope with stress and avoid feelings of being overwhelmed.


Function of Fat

A functioning healthy body stores fat in the form of triglycerides in specialized fatty tissue as an energy reserve. Under certain conditions, when the body is overloaded in toxins, the risk of many metabolic diseases increases, such as fatty liver, obesity, diabetes and hypertension as a cause of life-threatening vascular events such as myocardial
infarction and/or stroke. Supporting digestion and maintaining a healthy body weight
help further support levels of detox, the problem is seen where fat-soluble toxins interfere with proper metabolic function preventing weight loss.


Importance of Nutrients

Adding in good quality nutrients from whole foods consistently on a daily basis and further decreasing exposure to environmental toxins helps the body’s organ systems work in harmony. Taking the time out every couple of months and adding in a three day full cleanse with nutrient dense ingredients, like those found in R’Koso, could further help
support the body in filling in those missing nutrients. Once you have complete your cleanse, you will be able to feel the positive benefits, both mentally and physically.


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