Authentic Detoxification by Liver Support - Koso Cleanse

In this video, I want to demystify and debunk some myths about the concept of “detoxification” and that means we will talk about a very vital organ in your body - the liver. 

Oh, the liver. It is such an underrated organ in my opinion because of the sheer amount of roles it plays in multiple systems in your body. It directly works for the digestive system, the blood sugar regulation system, the detoxification system, to name a few.

For that reason, our livers are easily overworked and overloaded with all the stress we encounter in life, our choice of processed foods and excessive alcohol intake, and our intake of toxins via the air, the water we drink.

So when one system elevates its demands from the liver, the other systems that rely on the liver’s function can become strained.

For instance, our intestine is covered by many different kinds of bacterias and yeasts. When we have a good balance of these bacterias and yeasts, our body overall functions much better. However, when its balance is off, some of these microbes can start to produce toxins.

Consequently, this creates more work for the liver as it has to get rid of the toxins produced by these bacteria. Therefore, it is important to keep microflora balanced by getting Pre/pro/postbiotics. R's Koso contains them all. 

From this standpoint, you can see how adding digestive supports to balance and strengthen intestinal health can benefit your liver and so much more. That is, with the addition of fermented foods like R’s Koso, you can lighten the workload for the liver so it can perform at all of its functions.

You will find many products in the diet industry that claim to “bind to toxins in your body and flush them out”. But, the most proven and reliable form of detox support is amplifying your body’s natural ability to detox by nourishing and boosting the function of your existing organs - such as the liver and kidneys. 

Some things that are often overlooked and underestimated are:

  1. Stay well hydrated with pure water and balanced electrolytes - we’re talking about sodium AND potassium, magnesium, etc.
  2. Adequate rest or quality sleep - this nightly reset is regenerative and healing
  3. Manage stress - your hormonal stress response directly impacts the liver’s workload
  4. Keep your gut healthy with the addition of natural fermented foods - R’s Koso is a combination of fermenting over 100 different plant foods over the course of a year, it is a great example of a nutrient-dense probiotic

If you’re interested in learning more about how Koso is made, as well as its long history in Traditional Japanese Cuisine, please head to the R’s Koso website!

Thank you so much for tuning into this video, hope you learned a thing or two! 

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