What are R’s KOSO Club rewards and referral bonuses?

Introducing R’s KOSO Club rewards and referral bonuses.

There are 2 different ways you can be rewarded for sharing the gift of health and R’s KOSO to others.

  1. You can join the club by taking 2 minutes to create your own account. Become a part of exclusive rewards, earn points every time you shop and redeem for discounts. 

  2. You can gift your friends 15% off their first order of $74+ (1 bottle) and in return, receive $20 (in points) for each successful referral. 


We make earning points fun!

The standard way of collecting points is through purchases. Receive 5 points for every dollar spent. Points are not only accumulated through purchases, we have additional fun ways for you to get points so be sure to take advantage of them.

Not only will you receive points per dollar, but make 5 purchases to receive a 500 point bonus, receive 200 points for simply creating an account, 100 points by liking our page on Facebook and 100 points for following our page on Instagram.

Make sure you tell us your birthday. You will receive 500 points on your birthday. You might receive a birthday gift.


We make redeeming points easy!

You can redeem your points by clicking “Redeem My Points” and copy & paste your code at checkout. 100 points equals $1.00 so earn 500 points to receive $5.00 off, 1000 points to receive $10.00 off and 1500 points to receive $15.00 off.


What is the VIP club?

We also reward our loyal customers by offering tiers in our VIP club. Each customer is automatically part of the Silver Club where 100 points equals $1.00. As you grab more bottles of R’s KOSO, you can rank up the tiers to receive more points for every dollar spent, meaning even more benefits! 

Spend $200 to be a Gold member where you will receive 1.2 x points for every dollar spent, spend $500 to be a Platinum member where you will receive 1.4 x points for every dollar spent, and spend $1000 to become a Diamond member where you will receive 1.6 x the points for every dollar spent. 



Let's get started! 


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